Hay Barrels

We at Northland Kikos chose to raise purebred Kiko goats for their versatility, excellent maternal instincts, and natural parasite resistance. Kikos are also a good meat goat, known for their low maintenance and ability to gain weight quickly.


Our goats browse the brush on our property all day long. We supplement with Wick's Hi Copper Mineral (copper is very important in a goat's diet), free choice hay, and they have access to protein blocks/tubs. We test yearly for CAE and Johne's disease and our herd is negative for both.

We have purchased kikos from across the country to develop our breeding stock bucks and does and they are registered with the National Kiko Registry (NKR) or the American Kiko Goat Association (AKGA). 

The kids have the option of being registered or not prior to purchase.

Northland Kikos

Joe, Julie & Emily Cloutier

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Somerset, Wisconsin

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